Welcome to AmericanEnglish.VIP !

VIP stands for Very Important Person, and www.AmericanEnglish.VIP is an online social network for American English Learners. Here you can practice English communication and comprehension skills as you connect with other English Learners from all over the world to interact, make friends, and collaborate in learning and improving American English skills.

Welcome aboard everyone. The more positively you participate, the more active this social community for English Learners becomes. Please remember kindness, courtesy, and friendship when communicating with others here. We want to be a friendly, warm, and active community of English Learners here. Any rudeness, disruptions, or other negative behavior should be shared with the Administrator (Maestro Sersea) so that proper follow-up can be taken.

While here, you are encouraged to register and create a free account, connect with other English Learners, sign up for existing Groups and post a message, and/or even start your own groups to get people to join you. As long as we remember that this website is meant for English Learners to improve American English skills and be considerate and respectful of others, everything well run smoothly.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to AmericanEnglish.VIP !”

  1. I am Albertine,
    I am very happy to join this group! As English learner, I believe that my English can be improved through interacting and comunicating with others.
    So, kindly help me to improve my English especially, spoken English
    Thank you

  2. Iam from India .my basic Language is tamil.but I want speak fluent English with grammatical mistakes.i can read and write everything but I can’t speak correctly so,thats why Iam here .pls anyone help me for good speak thank you

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